Sunday, June 25, 2006

Waiting for the Messiah re-released, Winnipeg Free Press, June 6 06

Winnipeg Free Press Live
June 6, 2006

Maiden voyage in the blogosphere
by Morley Walker

I see that McClelland & Stewart has re-released the 1985 memoir by the poet Irving Layton, Waiting for the Messiah.

The timing isn’t bad given that the new collection by his acolyte Leonard Cohen, Book of Longing, is currently No. 1 on many Canadian bestseller lists.

Layton died last January in Montreal after a long and decline caused by Alzheimer’s.

No doubt if he were around, he’d be busting a gut with pride over Lenny’s current time in the spotlight. Either that or he’d be green with jealousy.

So I flip to the index of the Waiting For Messiah to find a particularly telling anecdote about the two of them.

What’s this? Cohen doesn’t even get a mention. And this after — well before, really — Lenny has such nice things to say about his master in Book of Longing.

For shame. Couldn’t M&S have added something posthumously?


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