Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vancouver Public Library posting Jan 8

This week's Hot Sites selected by our Language & Literature Division
Irving Layton, Poet 1912-2006

One of Canada's greatest poets, Irving Layton, died, at age 93, on January 4th. Layton is a fascinating artist, legendary for his bombast and flamboyant life as well as his wonderful poetry.

The Official Irving Layton Page: Here you can listen to recordings of Layton's readings, post your responses to his death and his writings, and read a short biography of his life.

The Encyclopedia Britannica's Layton entry: This encyclopedia entry discusses the importance of Layton's work in Canadian literature, and links to many useful sites.

The Globe & Mail Obituary: Sandra Martin's obituary includes Leonard Cohen's tribute poem, "Irving and Me at the Hospital".


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