Saturday, January 07, 2006

Two Favorite Layton Poems, blog entry, Jan 5 06
By Mink Stole
January 5, 2006
Irving Layton is's my favorite poem of his:

"Cuisine Canadienne"

Unlike the blood sausage
made from Jesu's blood,
the cornstarch pudding of Ottawa
is odourless and tasteless

In my favourite fantasty
Blok and Mayakovsky are standing
with me under the carillon
swilling vodka and shouting obscenities
at the civil servants rushing
to the bank
to redeem their humanity for the weekend

Back in Montreal the next day
I'm better able to handle
the disasters I invent in my skull
and never get to see.

also I love:

"Droppings from Heaven"

Everyone was saying
this was the coldest winter in 75 years;
penniless and freezing
I escorted my girl to the fire escape

Since she used no diaphragm
I pulled out in time
and we listened to the droppings
that fell on the frozen ground

Both of us wondering
whether the warm love-juice struck it
as hard assaulting pellets
or miniature stilettos


2006-01-05 03:27 pm

So that's why people are talking about Irving Layton on CBC Radio 3 and reading his poetry. He is currently talking to Peter Gzowski saying that "Poets are the physicians of the soul."


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