Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Maestro is Free

January 7, 2006

How life's ironies can unfold like butterflies from black cocoons. Butterflies, whose gold filigree of anticipation reveals itself between those ominous shadows, prepared to soar. Yet unseen beauty rumbling beneath the weight of it all.

My grandmother, who passed away in 1997, suffered through Alzheimers. Shortly after that time, when I heard that Irving Layton had become afflicted with that wretched disease, I was struck by the terrible irony of the fact that this uber-vibrant, life-affirming and deliciously-combative human being was resigned to that, of all fates.

Now, the maestro is free, the shackles of deterioration already turning to dust while he indulges in a freilech to end all freilechs, surrounded by all manner of heavenly bodies, embracing and trading toasts with long missed family, friends and colleagues. Most of all, his beloved Keine.

Sonja A. Skarstedt (Montreal, QC )

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