Saturday, January 07, 2006

Learning about Layton,, Jan 4 06
by Eric
January 04, 2006
Irving Layton Montreal Poet Passes away

It has been reported on CBC and other Canadian news sources that Montreal poet Irving Layton, one of Canada's most influential poets and writers has passed away.

He won the Governor General's Award in 1959 for his book of poetry A red carpet for the sun, which is considered to be one of the most influential books of poetry every produced by a Canadian. He was also nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981 and was a poet in residence at several universities in Canada and professor of English for 9 years at York University.

I will openly admit that I knew nothing of him or his work (and still know next to nothing), and I imagine that many (if not most) Canadians are the same, and that is a great tragedy. Yes, I can say that without having read any of his work. It is a very sad thing that we Canadians don't celebrate our accomplishments and heros to the extent that they deserve. We are all too willing to sell ourselves short, and all too unwilling to put our fellow Canadians on a pedestal and acknowledge their acheivements with pride.

We need to be made aware (and put in the personal effort to become aware) of the accomplishments Canada and Canadians have made, and to hold them high and be proud of them. This is an individual and a community responsibility that we need to take far more seriously.

I have included below a series of links to sites about Irving Layton, a man who changed the face of Canadian writing, as I have learned today.


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