Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Irving vs the Almighty

January 6, 2006

I met Irving,some 15 years ago, at Sandra Rich Goodwin's house, widow of the late Bill Goodwin (Goldberg) who was Irving's nephew and best friend. I have since enjoyed many conversations with him. Irving used to call me 'Houdini' because he said I appeared and disappeared so often. My last meeting with Irving was on Monday, just two days before he died. I played a medley of Yiddish songs on the piano in the dining room of the 4th floor of Maimonides and Irving, seated with his devoted caregiver, Diane, was serenaded by a flourish of Yiddish music. I hope this eased your passage to heaven! Irving, you meant so much to so many! May your soul rise quickly to The Celestial Academy where I am certain you will enter into debate with the Almighty regarding the plight of humanity!

Rikee Gutherz-Madoff (Montreal, QC )

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