Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In Memory of Irving Layton, a Poem for Irving, Jan 5 06

In Memory of Irving Layton
by john k zimmerman
Thursday, January 05, 2006

Irving Layton, died yesterday [06/01/04]. Prolific, and provocative poet-- his evocative, sometimes erotic poems written in the language of the street changed Canadian poetry in the middle of the last century.

He was 93.
canlit short hand for Canadian Literature -- if you have to ask .....

In Memory of Irving Layton

Brawling, bawdy, engaging erotic
you were all of these things
a larger than life wordsmith
provocative, and infuriating.

professor, iconoclast, prophet,
teaching a nation to sing
in the language of the market place.

celebrant of eros, putting passion in canlit,
coffee break affairs energizing
both the poet and the work.

you have left us for that place where
poetry sings the poet and where
words and images dance on their
complexly simple measures.

giant, you have left us, lesser poets, here
seeking to follow in your seven league strides


by William Bonilla
A wondeful Tribute To a fellow poet
Well Penned
Thanks for sharing
William ..... Peace

by _ Aberjhani
A powerful tribute wholly worthy of the poet and the art. Thank you for lifting your own titanic voice in honor and celebration of this exceptional literary soul and guiding spirit.

by Joselyn MayFair
Wonderful tribute to this poet and his life of writing thank you for sharing and the caption of him.

by Karla Dorman, Lady of the Lights

Love this tribute to a Poet who no doubtedly left his mark upon you. To continue his legacy, be like him--and never put down your talented pen!

(((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

by Tinka Boukes
Wonderful tribute John!!
Happy New Year my Friend!!
Love Tinka

by Jerry Bolton
Sorry, don't know the poet, will look him up, sorry for you loss. "Canlit." Yup, I would have had to ask. But then you know how uncouth most of us "fly-over" people are down here.

by Kate Clifford
Wonderful tribute. Love the descriptions you have used.


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