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Blogger mallowry said...


Anyone who can write such an uninformed narrow literary obit on Irving Layton is a frightful liability to Canadian literature. As an example, nowhere is it written that Layton was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature by Italian nominators.

As usual the CBC has a way of cutting its own throat, and, by proxy, that of Canada's and that of Canadians. In my opinion, this review only contributes to an image of the CBC as growingly deficient, with a hope that it again and soon becomes a vibrant broadcaster of the people and for the people of this country.

The CBC ought to hang its head in shame for web publishing at the first announcement of Layton's death such a cartoonish, contemptuous literary obituary. of one of Canada's greatest internationally renown
modern poets.

1:36 PM  
Blogger mallowry said...

I realize this blog is not meant for politics and nor should it be but sometimes there are mitigating circumstances. Irving Layton was a man who, with the pen, fought against injustice. I'm sure he would approve of what's below.

I'm appending this note from the Green Party of Canada, a scandalous victim of injustice in this Canadian federal election.

Again, my profound apologies.
Yiddish proverb: Life is a joke

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