Thursday, January 05, 2006

How to make a post

To post stories, memories or words of appreciation of Irving Layton and his poetry, please do the following:

Please go the bottom of this post and click on the COMMENTS link. This will open up a comments window - please post your memory here. It will ask you to either log in or choose to post an ANONYMOUS comment (if you wish, you can post your name and city in the actual message itself.)

Select comments will be republished under the main section for others to view.

Thank you


Anonymous Matthew Baird, OnStage said...

I posted a note from OnStage earlier, which wasn't intended to be advertising, but WAS intended to make you and other readers aware of the upcoming rebroadcast of the Words and Music series tribute to Irving Layton. I think it will be of genuine interest to people who are visiting the site. I hope that would recognize this and place a link prominently on you comments page, along with the links to other obits tributes etc.

for more info visit

Matthew Baird, Senior Producer
OnStage. CBC Radio Toronto
416 205 6051

7:52 PM  

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