Saturday, January 07, 2006

Completely Unapologetic, blog entry, Jan 4 06
By Moggy
January 4, 2006
Good night, Mr. Layton.

I have a tremendous amount of work to do tonight...but I came home to the news that an old favourite poet of mine, Irving Layton, died this morning.

I knew early on that I wanted to be a writer...that I wanted to spend my time with books, bookstores, reading and writers. I knew the first time I finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy, at 10 years old, that I wanted to play with words for the rest of my life. And as I got older, I stumbled on writers and poets who had as much of an influence on me as Tolkien...people who made me sit down for hours on end, reading what they'd written with awe. I filled books with poetry and scribblings, wanting desperately to be like these people who made their living by writing...I soaked in sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, classics, literature, hard-boiled detective stories...and poetry by people like Layton.

And now Layton is gone. I hope his writing's read and enjoyed for years to come...I hope shy little teenagers continue to find and read it...and I hope it helps set them on a path to books and writing, too. I hope he's never forgotten.

Layton was a character. He was intelligent and eccentric. He absolutely loved women, sex, and drinking...he was a dirty old man even as a young man...he was opinionated and outspoken. He was brash. He was completely unapologetic. Maybe I wouldn't have liked him in person...I'm not sure I could've taken him in a debate. But damn I liked his writing...and I guess that's all that matters now.


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