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Coming-of-Age Poem, blog entry, Jan 4 06
by John W. MacDonald @ Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Very Short Coming-of-Age Poem For Two Voices

rob mclennan just got word that Irving Layton died today. From his email:

I just got an email from Ottawa poet Seymour Mayne that Montreal poet Irving Layton passed away today, two months shy of his 94th birthday. Information on Layton can be found at:


also you can read the tribute weblog that Tara has set up here:
So, in commemoration on my weblog here on, I have written two poems that Layton would probably approve of... or not.

A Very Short Coming-of-Age Poem For Two Voices

I'm lonely.
You're stupid.

I'm horny.
Yeah, me too.

I love you.
You stink bad.

See you then?
Go to hell.

Young Layton in my bathroom
[Ahh... read "car pet" for the son.]

Posing as did Rodin's Thinker
I thought it was Jesus at first read

But then they looked more like Lenin
Only with longer hair

At second sight it's a young Layton in my bathroom
His bust mystically etched on 121 mottled floor tiles

In varying angular positions of incongruous clarity
Framed as an accidental mosaic

You have to witness these poetic portraits for yourself
Sitting with fist against chin

An Irving Layton inspired poem can be found here as well:


FOR I. L (1912-2006)
Bone and Skin

Tailbone cloves
the heel
of a hand

Where skin
cheats fingers
and bone

And soft wails
where teeth
meet tail

And bone
cheats skin
cloying bone

From wail
and heel
skin and hand

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