Thursday, January 05, 2006

CBC Onstage Re-Broadcasts Irving Layton: Irving Invectus

CBC Radio's OnStage marks Irving Layton's passing with a broadcast from the Words and Music series.

Sunday, January 8th, OnStage presents a repeat broadcast of our presentation on the life of Irving Layton: Irving Invectus, by Jason Sherman

Starring Kenneth Welsh, as Irving Layton
David Buchbinder, music director
Jason Sherman, writer

A poet, short-story writer and essayist, Irving Layton (1912-2006) is perhaps the most well-known of the Montreal poets who battled against romanticism in the 1940s. His "tell it like it is" style won him both enemies and worshippers, but Layton bestowed his love of words, sound, and life itself upon audiences and readers. Veteran actor Kenneth Welsh and Governor General's Award-winning playwright Jason Sherman illuminate Layton's legacy, along with music by David Buchbinder.
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For details, please visit the CBC Onstage website

Comment sent to us same day: (BTW, as no links will link directly outside of this site, when we first realized this, we did not post any links, but instead directed readers on how to find the link. [We now list all links, assuming readers can paste the link address into their browser}. We did, however, choose to REPOST this comment in the main section of the site, so as to alert readers to the importance of this rebroadcast, but Mr. Baird must not have seen it. With the number of posts and articles to list, we did not have a chance to look at the link ourselves, but it appears the re-broadcast was today, January 8th at 2:00pm and 8:00pm.


I posted a note from OnStage earlier, which wasn't intended to be advertising, but WAS intended to make you and other readers aware of the upcoming rebroadcast of the Words and Music series tribute to Irving Layton. I think it will be of genuine interest to people who are visiting the site. I hope that would recognize this and place a link prominently on you comments page, along with the links to other obits tributes etc.

for more info visit

Matthew Baird, Senior Producer
OnStage. CBC Radio Toronto
416 205 6051


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