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Brightest Literary Light, Kingston Frontenac Library, Jan 5 06
Thursday January 05, 2006
Irving Layton

The poet Irving Layton, one of Canada's brightest literary lights, died yesterday in Montreal at the age of 93. Known for his provocative outlook in both his work and his life, he won many awards and honours, including a Governor General's Award, three honourary doctorates, and two Nobel prize nominations. In 1976 he became an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Read his obituary on the CBC website.

Irving Layton's love of poetry began in Grade 10, when his teacher read aloud a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson called "The Revenge."

You can read the text of Tennyson’s poem here, on the website of the History Department at George Washington University.

Read more about Irving Layton's life and work on the Canadian Poetry page from the University of Toronto Library.

To find Irving Layton's work in our library collection:
1. Visit our website at
2. Type his name into the Library Catalogue search box.
3. Click the down-arrow and choose Author.

To hear him read some of his own poetry, listen to the cassette A Wild Peculiar Joy.

Or read some of his letters & memoirs:

Irving Layton and Robert Creeley : The Complete Correspondence, edited by Ekbert Faas and Sabrina Reed.

Wild Gooseberries : The Selected Letters of Irving Layton, edited by Francis Mansbridge.

Waiting for the Messiah : A Memoir, by Irving Layton with David O'Rourke.

An Unlikely Affair : The Irving Layton-Dorothy Rath Correspondence, with an introduction by Adrienne Clarkson.

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